Founded by fashion/interior designer and blogger Veronique Linnett, BEAUTY BRAIN creates digital destinations for brands that are as elegant and charismatic as they are smart, informative, practical and affordable. Every brand should tell a compelling story and have a vivid personality. Beauty Brain creates an online presence for brands that communicates story and character first through creative ideation, innovative website construction, social media outreach and targeted email campaigns. The goal is to capture the hearts and minds of the consumer. Beauty Brain helps brands identify and target their demographic sweet spot with powerful and aesthetically charged messaging and design. Beauty Brain works with only a few clients at a time. We do not offer a routine vendor relationship, or act as an outside consultancy.  We develop close, collaborative relationships with our clients, blending our personalized creative services into a brand's culture. As Oscar Wilde once said: "It's beauty that captures your attention, and personality which captures your heart."